Newspaper Dissector

A Windows-Python programme for categorising and visualising newspaper pages based on topic, word count and source. Based upon code built at the Software Sustainability Institute’s 2017 Collaboration Workshop with the support of Geraint Palmer and Vince Knight (Cardiff University).

The Ethics of Historical Video Game Development

Over the weekend, I announced my intention of developing an educational video game that explored the economic systems of the 18th-century Atlantic World, including the transatlantic slave trade. By and large the response was positive, with several colleagues expressing an interest in the development of a game that was committed to a high degree of […]

Scissors-and-Paste-O-Meter Officially Launched for 1800-1900

It is with great pleasure that today I officially announce the launch of the Scissors-and-Paste-O-Meter, a free, online tool for tracking reprints and textual reappearances in 19th-century British newspaper material. The service allows visitors to browse or search through two of the most commonly used British newspaper repositories, the Times Digital Archive and the British Library’s […]

On Developing a Collaborators’ Bill of Responsibilities

The theme of DH2017 was Access. The papers that were given, and the discussions they engendered, were wide-ranging, encompassing open access publication, diversity within the digital humanities community, and access to funding and materials by researchers in developing countries as well as their ability to provide international access to their research. As I moved from panel […]