Breaking Black Boxes: The Importance of Developing Your Own Research Tools


Workshop on Digital Humanities Tools, Macquarie University Centre for Media History.


6 April 2018


Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia


Nobody wants to re-invent the wheel, but nor would anybody use wooden cart wheels to transport the space shuttle to the launch pad. Human development has always relied upon building upon past advances and the hallmark of originality is understanding the context in which an existing tool or concept works and effectively adapting the concepts to new contexts. This talk will discuss the rise of digitised newspaper collections and how to build upon so-called traditional methods of close-reading, categorisation, and manual visualisation in order to build a suite of research tools that best serve the particular context of the corpus and research questions. Particular attention will be given to the value of linking existing analytical tools into new methodologies and the development of bespoke software to solve project-specific problems.





**Image Courtesy of Catherine

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