Electronic Annotation of Student Essays (without Grademark)

Last year, I wrote about electronic marking with Grademark. The system had many advantages, including full integration with TurnItIn’s Originality Check software package. Students submitted their work online and it was stored in an online repository that I could access anywhere with an internet connection. I could create custom rubrics and pre-programmed annotations, such as […]

Mapping Implicit Processes; or, Is This Source Okay?

Students love the Google Convenience Store. Most people do. Even those who question Google’s dubious privacy policies and monopolistic tendencies often turn to it (even if they do not always admit to it). Of course, there is nothing inherently un-scholarly about digital scholarship. Indeed, digitisation of primary material and scholarly comment is expanding and deepening […]

O’Malley’s Class Conflict, Land and Social Banditry: Bushranging in Nineteenth Century Australia

O’Malley tests the concept of ‘social banditry’, posited by Hobsbawm, through a case study of the ‘Golden Age’ of bushranging in Australia, 1860-80. The article provides a straightforward definition of social banditry and makes a clear differentiation between ‘necessary but insufficient’ causes and ‘sufficient causes’ for the phenomenon. By exploring the differences between the deviant […]