Losing my Methodology: Revisiting the Workflow

About eight months ago, I spent a long, blustery afternoon developing a new work-flow for my research. I had hoped, naively, that this detailed methodology would make my research more efficient and, in large measure, standardise the data I was collecting. For many weeks, I diligently followed this predetermined path. For many months thereafter, I struggled […]

I have no idea what you’re talking about, but it sounds fascinating: A Case for Methodology-Based Conferences

In an age of increasing specialisation, it is sometimes easy to feel lost in the sea of case studies, chronological enclaves and geographic isolates that are so often the norm at mega-conferences. Indeed, even at society-based conferences, which ostensibly have a common theme throughout, it is all-too-common to be placed on a panel in which […]

How I learned to stop worrying and love my data

With my one-day workshop, Numbers are your Friends, fast approaching, I decided to finally take* the plunge into my long overdue number-crunching. Over the past year, I have been slowly gathering my qualitative data and placing quantitative statistics into an unobtrusive Excel matrix, deep in the recesses of my hard drive. It was not that […]

Affable Failures: Alexander MacAulay, Kin-networks and the Eighteenth-Century Bubble Market (Part 2)

…continued from Monday, September 5th… Though he left Virginia, MacAulay did not stay away long. In March 1777, a school boy in London was entrusting a letter to his mother to the westbound merchant. MacAulay’s appearance in London, rather than Scotland, suggests that he was attempting to develop contacts with those firms still engaged in […]

Imperial Relations: Families in the British Empire

A conference to be held at the Institute of Historical Research, London5-6 September 2011 In the past decade, historians have increasingly turned to the family as a key site of imperial processes. This conference aims to bring together local and international scholars working on any aspect of British imperial family history between the eighteenth and […]