Cargoes of Women: Ill-Repute

This is part four of ‘Cargoes of Women’. For part one, please click here. For part two, please click here. For part three, please click here. Georgian Britain suffered from a surplus women problem. With each passing census, its inhabitants grew increasingly concerned about the poor distribution of the fairer sex within their empire and […]

Cargoes of Women: The Maids

This is part two of 'Cargoes of Women'. For part one, please click here. Scottish editors were a cheeky lot. Although I do my best, I cannot possibly begin to share the dozens of sweet, saucy and utterly bizarre notices they placed in their papers. Although most topics were considered fair game, the comedic tragedy […]

Cargoes of Women: The Undocumented

As I slowly trawl through the pages of the Scottish press, I now and then come across a humorous anecdote, a winking satire, or a ludicrous lampoon. For the most part, I have shared these as research notes. Yet, as my folio of absurdities grew, a curious trend began to manifest; the marriage and migration […]