Electronic Annotation of Student Essays (without Grademark)

Last year, I wrote about electronic marking with Grademark. The system had many advantages, including full integration with TurnItIn’s Originality Check software package. Students submitted their work online and it was stored in an online repository that I could access anywhere with an internet connection. I could create custom rubrics and pre-programmed annotations, such as […]

Hirsch’s ‘Parentheses: Digital Humanities and the Place of Pedagogy’

Abstract (for entire volume) Academic institutions are starting to recognize the growing public interest in digital humanities research, and there is an increasing demand from students for formal training in its methods. Despite the pressure on practitioners to develop innovative courses, scholarship in this area has tended to focus on research methods, theories and results […]

Keep Your Arms and Legs Inside the Lecture at All Times

Approximately 72 hours before my first lecture of my new American Crises module, I decided to abandon the twelve PowerPoint presentations I had already created in favour of an experiment with Prezi, a flash-based presentation platform. After composing and delivering eight lectures, I am ready to offer my initial thoughts. What’s the Difference? Unlike PowerPoint, […]

It’s Just a List of Books: Syllabi, Bibliographies and Ethics

This post was inspired by a colleague of mine. Several years ago, when discussing intellectual property rights for lecturers, we touched upon the idea of bibliographies, of reading lists. She had become aware, through informal conversations, that several lecturers felt that their module reading lists should be protected under intellectual property law in the same way as their other […]

AcWriMo: Aims, Ideals and Challenges

November is writing month, whether its a novel, an academic book or that grant proposal you have been putting off because of mounting pressures from work, home and life in general. But, as my stack of half-completed articles now rivals my stack of completed articles, I have finally decided that ‘enough is enough’. Originally, I […]