Specialist Modules

2018-Present Convicts and Kangaroos: Australia, 1788-1868 Loughborough University
2013-2015 The Press and American Society, 1836-1922 Sheffield Hallam University
2011-2012 The Atlantic World, 1492-1815 University of Warwick

Methodology Modules

2019-Present Research Design Loughborough University
2016-2017 Crafting the Dissertation Loughborough University
2016-Present What is History? Loughborough University
2016-Present Introduction to Academic Studies / Smart Scholarship Loughborough University
2015 Digital History Sheffield Hallam University
2012-2015 The Historian and Research Sheffield Hallam University
2012-Present Making History Sheffield Hallam University

Survey Modules

2015-Present The Atlantic World, 1492-1914 Loughborough University
2016-2018 Go West, Young Man! North America, 1785-1914 Loughborough University
2012-2015 American Crises: The Revolution to the 1960s Sheffield Hallam University
2012-2013 Class, Gender and Nation: Britain, 1780-1914 Sheffield Hallam University
2009-2012 North American Themes and Problems University of Warwick
2011-2012 Comparative Histories and Literatures of the Americas University of Warwick
2010-2012 Reform, Revolt and Reaction in the US University of Warwick
2006-2008 Making of Europe: Nation, Community & Conflict, 1500-2000 University of Glasgow
2006-2008 Society, Culture & Politics in North America University of Glasgow
2006-2008 Government, Culture and Society in Europe, 1550-1715 University of Glasgow